Everything out of Love and Respect

Who we are

Inabata America started as a New York corporation in 1978 as a wholly owned US subsidiary of
Inabata & Co., Ltd.

Inabata & Co., LTD, our Japanese headquarters, was founded in 1890.

Who We Are

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy and Our Mission:

People come first, based on the spirit of “love (ai)” and “respect (kei)”, and together we strive towards contributing to the development of society.


To continually evolve, serving clients and society, through global operations and meeting their changing needs.

Inabata Short Logo Values:

1) To cherish integrity and respect for people. (ethics)

2) To continually challenge the limits with high ideals, big dreams and great passion. (aspiration)
3) To prize dialogue and teamwork, and to treasure professional growth of employees. (organization)
4) To become the best partner of our clients, providing solutions from the clients’ standpoint. (role)
5) To grow with people across borders, sharing and respecting diverse values with the aim of co-prosperity. (symbiosis)

What we do

The Inabata America Corporation provides innovative solutions and services for information and electronics,
chemicals, life industry, food, pharmaceutical related products, plastics, housing & eco materials businesses worldwide.
For more than a century, Inabata's specialized functions have satisfied a vast range of client requirements
through business planning, marketing, manufacturing and logistics.
Inabata is determined to continue serving as a trusted partner, meeting the true needs of our customers.

What we do

Our Group in AMERICAS



DNI Group, LLC (Novato, CA) www.dnigroup.com


INABATA Mexico S.A . de C.V.

IK Plastic Compound Mexico S.A de C.V.

NH INABATA S. de R.L. de C.V. nhik.com.mx


INABATA Brasil Importacao e Exportacao Ltda