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Inabata America is a leading supplier of thermoplastic resins, compounds and custom formulations. We strive to improve continuously the quality of our products and service. Inabata America dedicates itself to protection of the global environment by striving to prevent pollution, harmonizing all our activities with natural ecosystems and living environments and complying fully with all relevant environmental protection legistlation.

Our customers and partners receive the following benefits from working with us:

  • Lowering of working capital with inventory & credit costs being shared.
  • Multiple inventory locations enables us to provide JIT deliveries and assist with complex logistical needs.
  • High quality technical support located in the field.
  • Market and Industry expertise.
  • Our broad product line allows customers to efficiently order materials from one source.
Current activities
  • Supplies plastic resin to TV manufacturer especially Japanese in TJ, Mexico, Pipe & Furniture manufacturer in Canada
  • Mainly marketing and developing Plastic, Rubber and Chemicals in South America.
  • Global alliances with top resin and compounding producers and users.
  • Logistical excellence with further expansion of our packing & bulk service capabilities.
  • Local technical service for training, troubleshooting and project development.
  • Local inventory to satisfy high service needs of today's manufacturing environment.
  • Establishing a US based compounding facility to satisfy both producers and customers in the supply channel.

Detroit Office +1-248-994-7683


Korea Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd

Kumho products are used as raw materials for tires, shoes, paper, cars, electronic appliances, and packing materials to make your life more beneficial and abundant. Besides, having continuously carried out environmental and life science R&D since the beginning, Kumbo has been an example of an advanced petrochemical company both nominally and virtually.