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Inabata America Corporation is proud to be the exclusive distributor for,Nippon Fine Chemical (Nippon Seika), a highly reputable Japanese manufacturer of various fine chemical products for US and Canadian markets.

Many of the products manufactured can be prepared under cGMP conditions as approved by both the FDA and the EMEA. We offer custom manufacturing of bulk pharmaceuticals and intermediates upon request and initiate numerous types of DMFs with the FDA, with updates submitted every year.

Highly Purified Phospholipids
  • Phospholipids DAPC
  • Phospholipids PC
  • Phospholipids PG and PA
  • Phospholipids POPC, POPG, DPDG
  • Presome
High Purity Cholesterol
  • Camphors, DEET
  • Acid Chlorides & Fatty Acid Chlorides
  • β-keto Ester & β-keto Ester Derivatives
  • Alkyl Chlorides & Alkyl Bromides
  • α-Br Fatty Acids and Derivatives
  • 3,6-Substituted Pyridine Derivatives
Additional Partnerships

Fushimi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Fushimi)

Product offering:

  • Chemical Intermediates for Pharmaceuticals
  • Rare Sugars
  • Final dosage form Barium Sulfate for X-Ray

Pharmasynthese (Pharmasynthese)

Product offering:

  • Material for a diverse range of industrial applications
  • Pharmaceutical APIs and Intermediates
  • Personal Care Products
  • Electronic Chemical Specialties

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