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Chemical Intermediates

“Globally Active Provider of Synthesis Services”

The Chemical Intermediates Team handles a broad range of fine chemical products, including APIs and intermediates for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and electronic materials, and offers optimal solutions by drawing upon its long years of experience, wealth of information, and its global network.


  • APIs and intermediates
  • Investigational drug substances and intermediates
  • Agrochemical intermediates
  • Cosmetic and health-food ingredients
  • Chemical products for electronic materials
  • Special reagents and catalytic agents for chemical synthesis
  • Other fine chemical intermediates


  • Development and research of new materials
  • Consultation on product planning and marketing
  • Provision of technical information
  • Consultation on production sourcing
  • Provision of information on consumer needs
  • Material delivery
  • Assistance with compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law which includes:
    - Assistance with application for accreditation of foreign manufacturers
    - GMP compliance audit
    - Assistance with the registration of J-DMFs
  • Assistance with the transfer of manufacturing and process-management technologies
  • Assistance with compliance with GQP and other ordinances
  • Cost-reduction support

Global Network

Through doing business with manufacturers in Europe, the U.S., China, India, and a number of other countries, we deliver chemical products that match the needs of our customers and keep abreast of industry developments in these places.

Pharmasynthese, a 100% affiliated company of Inabata France S.A.S., is engaged in the manufacture of intermediates and other products.

In cooperation with the pharmaceutical and chemical division of the Hengdian Group, a major chemical manufacture in China, we are engaged in the contract manufacture of chemicals and the development of markets for new materials.

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