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ULCOAT & Lithography

ULCOAT & Lithography

Inabata America offers the complete package, from Photomask Blanks, Pellicle to the Compacts for Mask packaging.
Photomask Blanks

Inabata America is the exclusive agent for Ulcoat Photomask Blanks in North American Market.

Hard Mask Blanks are one of the key materials for the manufacture of the LSI and ULSI.The Integrated Circuit productions require the imaging of the circuit designs even to the 90nm below, and Photomask are the critical component as the mother patterning board.

Semiconductor related market

Photomask Blanks from ULCOAT Japan

  • Binary Mask Blanks (chrome): 4”x4”, 5”x5”, 6”x6” 7”x7” (various thickness & flatness available)
  • Phase Shift Mask Blanks (MoSi): 6”x6”x.25”
  • Material: Sodalime & Quartz
  • Resist: AZP1350, IP3500, IP3600, 895i, ZEP7000, FEP171
Display related market

Large Area Photomask Blanks from ULCOAT Taiwan

  • Size: 8”x8” ~ 52”x54” (various sizes available)
  • Material: Soalime & Quartz
  • Resist: TFP650, AZ1500

Functional Devices

Using Ulcoat’s coating and litho patterning specialty, we help the market focused on MEMS foundry needs. The products include the Black Matrix, Stencil Mask, FED device, Microfluidic Device, Micro-chemical Chip, Mold, various types of the Coating, Chemical Etching (wet & dry), Micro Blasting, etc.

MEMS, Nanotech, Biotech, Semiconductor related market.

  • Mold: 150um, 200um pitch for C4NP, CPU, 3D-chip
  • Biochip: chemical etching, micro drilling
  • MEMS: chemical etching, micro blasting
  • Patterning: various patterning service
  • Thin Film Coating: Cr, Cu, Al, Ti, Ta, Si, Ni, Mo, Ag, Au, Pt, etc.


Inabata America's partner Micro Lithography Inc. (MLI) is an innovator in the pellicle manufacturing industry and is the leading supplier of pellicles in the world.

Product Line up
  • DUV-248nm (KrF) and 193nm(ArF): low out gassing to precent haze problem
  • i-line Pellicles for NIKON, CANON and ASM steppers and scanners
  • We also offer full line up for the projection aligners and for TFT color filters

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