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With the keywords "thin film molding technologies" and "photolithography", we offer worldwide support in semiconductors and in the Flat Panel Display (FPD) field, using TFT liquid crystal as well as PDP and OLED.
Product Lines
Semiconductor Related Products
  • Mask blanks (ULCOAT): for sizes 5"-70". We handle a full line-up of products, from PSM mask blanks and other products used in the latest semiconductors to TFT LCD and PDP applications.
  • Pellicles (MLI: United States): we handle a full line-up of products for ArF, KrF and i-line used in NIKON, CANON and ASM steppers and scanners, for all kinds of projection aligners, and for TFT color filters.
  • Anti reflection coating agents for wafers: we supply anti reflection coats for ArF, KrF and i-line, to match your process.
  • Compound semiconductor wafers: GaAs, InP mirror wafers and all kinds of EPI wafers.
  • Antistatic plastics: mask cases, wafer cases and other products for use in various applications.
  • Dry-etching equipment for masks (ULCOAT): we supply machines for 90nm processes.
  • Laser equipment: black-and-white defect repair for photomasks and PDP plates, sapphire wafer scrubbing, and others.
Semiconductor Related Equipment
  • Production Equipment
    ・metalization equipment (PVD, CVD, deposition)
    ・Ion implantation equipment
    ・Etching equipment
  • Wafer surface measuring instruments
  • Sputtering targets
  • Clean room systems and equipment
  • Machine Support Frames (MECAL B.V)
    (Details [PDF])

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