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Display and Imaging

Imaging & Information

The Imaging and Information Group supplies raw materials for color copiers and laser printers, and for functional components and inkjet printers. We also deal in peripheral media products, raw materials for photosensitive agents, and recording media materials.


Recording Media
  • Raw materials for powder toners: binders, magnetite, pigments, plasticizers, charge regulators.
  • Raw materials for polymerization toners: monomers, pigments, wax, dispersants, additives.
  • Functional components: silicone gum and oil, fluoroplastics and film, coating agents.
  • Raw materials for inkjet printers: dyestuffs, solvents, resin, additives.
  • Media products
  • Peripheral components.

Imaging Related Materials
  • Raw materials for photosensitive agents: photographic chemical intermediates, ultraviolet absorption agents, antirust agents.
  • Materials for magnetic recording media: high grade alumina.
  • Specialty materials: PS plates, materials for specialty film.

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