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Coating Chemicals
The group supplies raw materials to the paint, ink and adhesives industries. We offer a wide range of products, such as plastics, pigments, additives, solvents, and oils and fats, to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.


  • Resin
    Urethane (PolyoL, Isocyanate) acrylic, alkyd,   nitrocellulose (Nobel NC, Co., Ltd.), Silicone, Epoxy, Various Emulsions
  • Raw Materials of Resin
    Polyhydric alcohol, acrylic ester, methyl methacrylate, monomers
  • Additives
    Viscosity modifiers (Elementis products), pigment disperser
  • Pigments
    Organic pigments, non organic pigments (titanium oxide, synthetic iron oxide pigments), aluminum paste
  • Charge Control Agents

  • Waxes

  • Disperions

Paper Chemicals
We supply a variety of chemicals used in pulp and paper manufacturing, including those for cardboard, as well as raw materials for displays, tackifiers and adhesives - both imported and domestic brands.


●Inorganic chemicals
Caustic soda, magnesium hydroxide, oxygen, hypochlorous acid, aluminum sulfate, polychlorinated aluminum, soda chlorate, aluminum hydroxide, silica, calcined kaolin, other inorganic chemicals

●Paper making related chemicals
Sizing agents, paper strengthening agents, PVA, all kinds of dyes, pigments, extracting agents, water filter agents, flocculating agents, antifoaming agents, modified starch, wetting agent

●Chemicals for the manufacturing process
Binders, dispersants, print suitability enhancers, lubricants, glues and adhesives, starch, silicone products, ink fixing agents for inkjet paper, anticorrosives, ultra-violet absorption agents, fluoroplastics, titanium oxide, magnetic materials, PET film, developing agents, various solvents, frame retardant, sensitizer

Imaging and Information

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