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High Purity / Fine Alumina

High purity aluminas are normally classified as those with a purity of 99.99% and can be manufactured by routes starting from Bayer hydrate using successive activations and washings, or via a chloride to achieve the necessary degree of purity. In the case of Sumitomo Chemical, they have successfully achieved their level of purity by reacting the aluminum metal with an alcohol and purifying the aluminium alkoxide by distillation, hydrolysing and calcination.

Applications include the manufacture of synthetic gem stones such as rubies and yttrium aluminium garnets for lasers, and sapphires for instrument windows and lasers.

Characteristics: Alumina with precisely controlled particle sizes.
Superior packing properties
Superior Dispersibility.
Superior sintering properties.
Main Applications :
Translucent alumina ceramics
high-purity and high-strength ceramics
polishing of metal, glass and various ceramics
sintering aids for nonoxide ceramics
Filler and blending agent
sapphire substrates
YAG and other single crystals

Sapphire Substrates

For EFG sapphire substrate manufacturing, please consider the AKQ-10 grade. This product was designed in a spherical shape to facilite feeding and promote uniform flow. For all other manufacturing methods please contact for advice. Please contact us for more information regarding High Purity / Fine Alumina or AKQ-10 Grade Alumina.

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