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Advanced Alumina Grade

Alumina powders are widely used for oxide ceramic applications. Through research, it has been determined that an ideal powder type for such applications is mono-dispersed, but such a powder has yet to be commercially available.

Inabata America's partner, Sumitomo Chemical, has developed a nearly mono-dispersed alumina powder named "SUMICORUNDUM" which is crystallinely grown by In Situ Chemical Vapor Deposition. SUMICORUNDUM is a single crystal powder which has a precisely controlled particle size, and will make a breakthrough in the manufacture of alumina ceramic.(From Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.,)

Characteristics: Alumina with precisely controlled particle sizes
Superior packing properties
Superior Dispersibility.
Superior sintering properties.
Main Applications :
Translucent alumina ceramics.
High strength alumina ceramics.
Alumina products free from large pore.
Ceramic Filters.
Raw materials for plasma spray coating.
Filler and blending agent.
Additives for silicon nitride.
Raw materials for phosphors.
Raw materials of single crystals.

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